5 Great Places for a Destination Wedding

A wedding ideally happens only once in our lifetimes. It is a special event that we must thoroughly plan and enjoy. It is a great day when we will be one with the person we love most-a day we will treasure as long as we live and a day we must celebrate with love and happiness.

While planning your wedding, you will find that a traditional wedding is great. However, if you want your wedding to be more memorable, then a destination wedding will be better. A destination wedding will allow you to celebrate and take a nice vacation at the same time.

However, you might be asking: What places are great for a destination wedding? Well, here are five great places where you can celebrate your special day!

Walt Disney World

We are all kids at heart. Sure, we have to make tough decisions, work continuously, and take care of matters we would not have thought much about when we were young like mortgages, electricity, water, and credit card bills, however, in our hearts, there will always be a place where we just want to relax, dream, and simply have a great time with people dear to us. Making Walt Disney World your destination wedding venue will ensure that you have a wedding fit for a fairy tale princess. The best part about it is that regardless of your guests’ ages, you can all have fun with the park’s various rides and attractions.


A lush island filled with numerous gorgeous beaches, waterfalls, and mountains waiting for you to explore, Jamaica is one of the hottest place for destination weddings. One of the sweetest parts of the Caribbean, Jamaica is sought by couples for its beautiful scenery that, in every way, radiate a romantic aura most suitable for wedding venues. If you are planning to have a wedding and honeymoon by the beach and have a relaxing time away from home, then Jamaica should be your target destination wedding location.


If you want to have a tropical paradise for your wedding without going to another country, then Hawaii is the destination you are looking for. An island that takes pride in its beautiful beaches, favorable weather, and accommodating people, Hawaii is a great place to hold your destination wedding. You can have a beach wedding, go snorkeling and diving after, and relax as the sun sets on the beautiful beach.

The best thing about it is that it is part of the US. Hence, you won’t need to exchange currency and go through some lessons to understand the people around you. While Hawaii has its own native language, English remains its primary language.


A gorgeous island in the South Pacific, Fiji is yet another great place for a destination wedding. It has very lovely weather you will enjoy year round. Without a doubt, Fiji is a getaway location you would easily fall in love with. Aside from the good weather, Fiji also prides itself with its beautiful beaches and stunning scuba diving spots. Fiji is definitely a haven for couples who want to have a relaxing destination wedding so put on your wedding flip flops and start planning your wedding in this wonderful island.

Las Vegas

Sin city-who does not want to spend some time in this grand place? Las Vegas is a great city where you can relax, eat good food, and have some good time with the various theme parks, casinos, and resorts. A place that makes you feel rich and famous, Las Vegas always makes it to the list of the most sought-after places for destination weddings. Get married at the Elvis Chapel or have a grand affair in one of the hotels, Las Vegas has everything you are looking for in one place.

With the love you and your spouse-to-be share, your wedding day will be the most magical and memorable day of your lives. However, more than the memories, why not let your guests experience an equally enjoyable day? A destination wedding makes a normal wedding more exciting, more adventurous and more relaxing. Check out the five places we recommend, and make your destination wedding not only a day full of love but a day full of fun as well!

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